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Aqua Guard Select (Magna Series)

Dr. Aqua Guard Magna HD RO+UV

Short Description:

The Aquaguard Reviva RO+UV Water Purifier is equipped with user-friendly features, such as a digital display for monitoring purification processes, a convenient water level indicator, and easy-to-replace filters. Its sleek and compact design not only complements modern kitchens but also saves valuable countertop space.

The Aquaguard Reviva RO+UV Water Purifier is a cutting-edge and reliable water purification system designed to provide clean and safe drinking water for your household. With advanced RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultraviolet) purification technologies, it efficiently removes impurities, harmful contaminants, and microbiological threats from water, ensuring it meets the highest health standards.

This water purifier boasts a robust filtration process, effectively eliminating suspended particles, dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances, while retaining essential minerals that are vital for maintaining good health. The combination of RO and UV technologies guarantees double protection, making the water pure, crystal clear, and safe to drink.

With a reputation for delivering uncompromising water purity and reliability, the Aquaguard Reviva RO+UV Water Purifier is an ideal choice for health-conscious families seeking a dependable and efficient water purification solution. Drink with confidence, knowing that every drop from this purifier is free from contaminants and perfectly safe for you and your loved ones.

Specification Value
Dimensions (WxDxH) 320 x 275 x 410
Installation Type Table Top
Storage Capacity 6 to 10 litres
Purification Modules I-Filter, Chemi Block, EMLE, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Ultra Violet, Taste Enhancer Cartridge, TDS Regulator
Recommended For Municipal water, Borewell water, Water from tankers.
TDS 1 - 2000 mg/l
Water Flow Rate 15 l/hour
Input Water Pressure 2.0 kg/ 0.6 kg/
Input Water Temperature 10°C - 40°C
Input Water Chlorine (Max) 0.2 mg/l
Input Water Turbidity (Max) 15 NTU
Input Water Iron (Max) 0.3 mg/l
UV Lamp 4 Watts
Life of UV Lamp 8000 burning hrs
RO Membrane 75 Gallons/Day
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite RO
Booster Pump Voltage 24V DC
Power 45 watts
Operating Input Voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz

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