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Frequently Asked Question’s

Welcome to our FAQ page, here we have compiled a handful of questions along with their answer in order to let our customers be more satisfied. It is quite common that you may have questions regarding our services, products, policies and more, that’s why this page is designed in order to provide quick and concise answers.

Aquaguard is a water treatment machine that is designed to clean water so that safe and purified water can be achieved. Aquaguard is a purifier that uses technologies like UV (Ultraviolet) treatment, RO (Reverse Osmosis), UF (Ultrafiltration) and other technologies to remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses along with heavy metals from the water. This purification ensures that the water you drink is clean and safe for consumption.

Because today the level of pollution has increased so much that it has led to the pollution of groundwater resources, due to which there is a lacking of minerals in water and to cater this problem that may lead to some unhealthy consequences, we are required to use a proper water treatment system.

We know that people face many problems due to poor quality of water and that’s why we at Jay Shiv Enterprise are offering you a wide range of aquaguards at a cheap rate so that you do not have to compromise with your needs because of the financial problems.

A very genuine question what if you face any problem then let us tell you that if you after buying a product face any kind of problem then you can simply reach to us through our contact details and then on a priority basis you will be sent an engineer from our shop who will ensure that all your problems are solved within a stipulated time.

There are several varieties of the aqua guard which include UV purifiers, RO purifiers, RO+UV purifiers and UFpurifiers. All of these systems have their own set of features as well as benefits that cater for the unique needs of every individual.

We understand that deciding the best treatment plant for your family is not an easy task that’s why we have mentioned all the features of the product below along with this also added a comparison tool that takes several factors into consideration such as water source, water quality, family size and budget.


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